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Magician, Hypnotist

and Mentalist

“ It was great, everyone was amazed, especially the most Cartesian.

The tricks are personalized and truly impressive. Youri is both very professional and adorable. "

Patrick Coutelier

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.
Albert Einstein


Youri offers you four formulas of magic and / or hypnotic all public, interactive and customizable according to your needs or your desires:

hypnose de rue.bmp


magie au pub Au Bureau.bmp






Since 1995, Youri has hosted parties and events around the world with his talents as a magician, mentalist and hypnotist.

His magic animations are provided in French or in English and are customizable according to the needs of his customers.


I booked Youri for the third time and it was a great pleasure for me and my 60 guests to let him amaze us with his talent as a magician and hypnotist for 2 hours!
Thank you again Youri for this great evening full of mystery and humor!

Marie Pikat 

During our magical themed evening, Youri dazzled us with his more visual tricks than the others: appearances, disappearances, color changes, levitations, telekinesis of borrowed objects. His repertoire is made up of fabulous tricks and experiences that give magic a real meaning, which allow him, each time, to create a very strong bond with his audience and to awaken his child's soul.
To consume without moderation !!

Pierre Douménac

What good moments, astonishment, surprises, positive frustrations and amazed looks at the talent and dexterity of Youri! We want more and more!


Youri is available for your events

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