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Magician, Hypnotist and Mentalist           Paris and Ile de France

Youri's biography

Initiated into the practice of magical art and mentalism by the greatest professional magicians

(Gaëtan Bloom, Jean-Jacques Sanvert, Dominique Duvivier, James Brown, Richard Osterlind, Pierre Switon, Duraty, etc ...),

Youri has been performing magic professionally for over twenty years.

He was also trained in impromptu hypnosis and show hypnosis by  Anthony Jacquin, James Brown and Franck Syx, internationally renowned hypnotists. He is the founder of a magic class and a hypnosis class in a large French corporation.

Youri regularly offers street hypnosis demonstrations in Paris:  watch the video.

He hosts galas and private parties: see the Reputation tab.

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